Jollydollyshop will be at this year’s DOLLYCON in Lincoln, on July 30th. I will be taking the full range of clothes, OOAK and vintage dolls and other dolly bits and bobs. Can’t wait!


Limited Edition Outfits!

I am currently working on a limited edition range of dresses and bags for Sindy with Bonita Turner. Amongst other things, Bonita owns and is the Editor of Mam’selle Magazine, the fabulous Sindy Magazine. The dresses feature prints of iconic Sindy outfits and their modern day redesign by Rachel Godfroy Scott. The fabric design is by Bonita, and the dresses have been designed and made by me, with permission from Pedigree, Kid Kreations and Rachel herself.

The dresses will be available in June, we will be announcing the sale on Instagram and Facebook. (You can find photos of them on my @jollydollyshop page, or on @dresslikeasindy.) The bags will be available at Dollycon in July. We’ve had a great time working on these, and will also be conducting a giveaway in Mam’selle Magazine offering the chance to win a set of dress, headscarf and bag in one of the two designs! You can find Mam’selle magazine online at biosite/dresslikeasindy , tap this link in the Instagram bio of @dresslikeasindy .