It’s all been quiet at Hipster Ken’s Caff for a while, but on Saturday 27th of March Hipster Ken will be hosting an All Day Breakfast event.  Ken and Claire will be providing a (virtual) takeaway service for their regulars, and all dolls and action figures are invited to post a photo of their All Day Breakfast – whatever and wherever  that may be! (Don’t worry; I think Claire might be hiding Ken’s ukulele on the day.)

Be there and be square! Please use #hipsterkensalldaybreakfast .



Join Paul’s Immobile Disco on Friday 17th April 2020.  Paul will be hosting from home (as all village halls are temporarily closed) via INSTAGRAM, and I’d love to see pics of your Sindys, Barbies, Action men etc in their best disco gear or pyjamas, living it up in their living rooms/kitchens/gardens. Starts at 7pm GMT, please use #paulsimmobiledisco and #jollydollyshop



Last year’s Dollycon was cancelled, for obvious reasons, but Jollydollyshop will be at this year’s DOLLYCON in Lincoln, in October! I will be taking the full range of clothes, Ooak and vintage dolls and other dolly bits and bobs. Can’t wait!


Friday 5th February 2021.


I was recently honoured to be asked to collaborate with the Sindy Collector’s Club and Kid Kreations, who in 2020 designed and produced the new Sindy dolls, based on the original Sindy dolls that I grew up with. They sent me a lovely box of treats and one of the new “Weekender” Sindy dolls and her beautiful accessories. I have been working on a special photo story to showcase this Sindy, which I will be sharing tomorrow on Instagram and Facebook, so do stop by!