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Friday 7th December.


In a rash moment Sindy had agreed to let the children decorate the tree by themselves. She gripped the arms of the chair in an attempt to rein in her inner control freak.

Obviously when the children went to bed she would crack  and redecorate it. Oh come on, we’ve all been there.




Friday 30th November.

So, Christmas was coming.

Action Goth was ready for it.


Friday 23rd November.

Here are the lads, on their way home from “band practice” (which apparently is thirsty work.) The triangle is not an instrument usually associated with pop music but Allan has all the musicality of a bag of marshmallows and this way his mates can let him be in the band with the necessary damage limitation.

Friday 16th November.

Tony had made a vague “I’m listening darling” noise when Sylvia explained that she was off to her new Book Club. She felt there was no real need to tell him where the book club was being held.

Friday 9th November.

To absolutely no one’s delight, Hipster Ken has now decided to teach himself to play the bagpipes. His housemates have encouraged him to practice in the shed.

Mandy would like to lock him in there, but Julie protests that it would be against his Human Rights.

“He’s got a flask, a pasty and a sleeping bag” snaps Mandy. “I’ve been listening to his inept racket all afternoon, what about MY Human Rights?”



Friday 2nd November.

It’s the end of another week, and as the children troop through the house spilling school detritus as they go, Sindy discovers this week’s Nit Letter. With a sigh, she ponders whether it would be more economical and efficient for the school to send home a letter on the odd occasion when nobody in the class had nits.

Friday 26th October.

Down at The Broken Doll, landlord Allan felt his Fancy Dress Night was going really well. Even Paul had made an effort. Sort of.

Friday 19th October.

It was time for the Allotment holders’ annual Pumpkin competition. The entries varied considerably but everyone felt that mini Paul might possibly be trying to compensate for something.

Friday 12th October.

Modern witches love social media.

Making and baking with my precious little goblins. Loving the new Grimm’s recipe book, but don’t lick the bowl Maud!

#socursed #potions #justlikemotherusedtomake

Friday 5th October.

The girls had been standing in front of the wall ever since Sindy had entered the room, clutching their pencils and attempting to look nonchalant.

Sindy made herself comfortable. She had a book, a cup of tea and an iced bun. She could wait.

Friday 28th September.


The Sindy witches have gone shopping at Hexco and are enjoying being indignant in the Seasonal Aisle.

“Honestly Maud, Halloween gets earlier every year and look at all these dresses and decorations. In our day you were happy with a dusty coal sack and a bag of newt eyes.”


Friday 21st September.

As Sindy put the rubbish out she realised that she could no longer stand the sight of so many empty wine bottles. Things were going to change.

First thing in the morning she would ring the council and order one of those black recycling boxes with a sturdy lid.


Friday 14th September


” So I’m Tree, and this is my first time trying online dating. I’m looking for someone who shares my interests. I live a very simple, spiritual life. I’m just not into material possessions, structure or rules. I only eat foraged plants, I drink only fresh stream water that has crossed a minimum of two ley lines, I do yoga for two hours surrounded by my crystal collection every evening in my yurt that was handcrafted by Mongolian artisans.

Actually I just heard myself. I’m looking for someone with a good sense of humour and a strong sense of irony.”


Friday 7th September

The kids had gone back to school, Paul was at an office “Team Building” nightmare and Sindy had a ton of work to catch up on.

First of all though, she was going to spend some quality time admiring her empty laundry basket.


Friday 17th August

At last, Sindy had located her phone, but now she surveyed the contents of her handbag with dismay.

Still, she thought, it’s like Mary Poppins’ bag really, but with half eaten biscuits and broken Barbies instead of pot plants

and lamps, which is more useful when you think about it.


Friday 10th August

Allan and Sindy were their oldest friends, so when they had suggested yet another walking holiday “somewhere hilly and bracing”, Tony and Sylvia had given it several careful minutes thought before booking them all a weekend in Vegas.

It would be an awkward evening.


Friday 3rd August

was finding the school holidays a breeze now that she had her “Secret Hideaway Mini Fridge.” (patent pending)

Sliding back the painting revealed a cornucopia of cheering delights to lift the spirits of the most hard pressed mum.

Friday 27th July

Action Dave had been really looking forward to the Crazy Bumper Lads Holiday But if Hipster Ken didn’t stop murdering “Copacabana” he was going to take that guitar and ….

“Put it on a really high shelf?” supplied Allan, helpfully.

Have a great weekend folks!

Friday 20th July

The summer of 2018 was proving a difficult period for the Jollydollyshop Goths. They had been locked in a darkened room for weeks to avoid getting ” a healthy tan” (shudder) but salvation had arrived in the form of some black market Factor 1000 Sunscreen. Would our gloomy heroes be able to continue their rightful business lurking in the local record shops and graveyards? Only time would tell.

Friday 13th July 2018

Action Dave had once been swept up in the current of a passing Hen Party. They’d ended up in an 80s themed Karaoke bar in Bristol where he’d been forced to sing “Saving all my love for you” whilst wearing a tinsel wig. As Steve tried to coax him from behind the wall, Action Dave wailed,” You weren’t there man, you don’t know!”

Friday 6th July 2018

It’s holiday time, and the whole family is getting the caravan ready. Paul is checking there is enough beer and wondering where Sindy has put his sunglasses. The children are busily unpacking their suitcases and redistributing the contents around the house and garden and Paul’s mother is passive-aggressively stockpiling cleaning products. And what is Sindy doing? Sindy is wondering whether to start a small kitchen fire so they can stay in an all-inclusive hotel with separate rooms.

Have a great weekend folks!


Friday 29th June 2018


Allan has recently been dumped (FYI Gavin, it is NOT pedantic to use different coasters for hot and cold drinks.) Sindy has invited him to something called “Poldark Night” to cheer him up, but he doesn’t see how a programme about 18th century agricultural techniques and pilchard fishing will help.



Friday 22nd June 2018

Down at “The Broken Doll”, Landlord Allan was sensing that he had made a fundamental error when deciding to hold Blind Date Night.

Friday 15th June 2018

Inaction Man had sworn that he would get the flat clean and organise dinner whilst New Age Sindy was teaching her Crystal Healing Workshop at the Community Centre.

He really didn’t see what all the fuss was about; it had only taken two phone calls.

Friday 8th June 2018

“Of course, my Pearl has always slept through the night and eats anything you give her. Mind you, we only eat

homegrown organic seaweed, which is probably why she could swim at 3 months..”

There’s one in every playgroup.


Friday 1st June 2018


Rachel loved her new dress. If she kept very still in her bathroom she could remain undetected by her children for up to an hour.



Friday Fun Photo 25th May 2018


In the cold light of a new day, Sindy hazily remembered agreeing to join the PTA at the pub last night. From now on, her life would consist of “What’sup?” messages about organic cupcakes and listening to Fantastica’s mother complain that no one had booked Idris Elba to DJ at the Year 6 Leavers’ Party.


 Friday Fun Photo 18th May 2018

Tony and Sylvia Brown run a very successful Waste Management company. People often think “waste management “ is a euphemism. This upsets Tony, as he sees himself as a pillar of the community.
Sylvia secretly likes it. She never fails to get a last minute hair appointment and they always have the best table in restaurants.

Friday Fun Photo 11th May 2018

Sindy and Marie are taking their babies to the park. Betty is Marie’s first baby and she has packed 3 nappies, 4 sets of clothes, a changing bag and mat, teethers, teddy, board books, a portable bottle warmer, organic homemade babyfood and a cashmere cardigan.
Lily is Sindy’s second child. Sindy has brought a nappy, wipes and one of those lovely small bottles of wine the supermarket sells nowadays.

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