Friday 23rd October.

Those Glee kids thought they were so uncool, but everyone knew that Janice was the Queen Geek at St Nerdette’s College for the Annoyingly Gifted.

She could speak eleven languages, ( four of them from non fictional countries) she had the largest collection of library book stamps anyone had ever seen, and nobody lit a bunsen burner without her say so.

Le geek, c’est chic.


Friday 16th October.

It was no joke being a teen witch. Tracy had just endured a lengthy monologue from her nan ( You don’t know you’re born! In my day there was none of this crystal ball business. You had a basin of murky water to look in, and you were lucky to have it. And you couldn’t just order poisonous herbs on that computer thingy. You had to trudge uphill to the cemetery at midnight to get them, in a hail of frogs as like as not!”)

Revising for her NEWTS was a joy by comparison.



Friday 9th October.

“Well, that was a good night!” cackled Michelle. “Shame about the bouncer, but he makes a good frog and he shouldn’t have insisted on the dress code. What did you say to that delicious guy when he asked you about your job?”

“I told him I was an organic chemist,” said Helena. “It’s close enough and nobody ever wants to know more.”


Friday 2nd October.

Due to an administrative error, Karen had been editor at Vague Magazine for six months now. She had no idea what she was doing, but she found that as long as she marched around the office wearing something fashion forward, scowling at anyone wearing a cardigan, everyone was much too intimidated to risk giving less than 100%.


Friday 25th September.

There are still a few weeks until Halloween, but every goth worth their salt looks forward to picking out their pumpkin.

“I still think it’s too early,”  said Emerald. “It’ll be all mouldy and rotten by Halloween.”

“And your point is?” replied Lilith.


Friday 18th September.

Margaret and Merlin were careful to pay the babysitter really well and always leave out the best biscuits for her. It wasn’t easy finding childcare when the baby liked to make the cat levitate and the coven might not end until dawn.


Friday 11th September.

Sadie led a rich Inner Life, dense with romance and glamour. This was just as well, because her Outer Life was currently filled with a leaking washing machine, a cat with record breaking halitosis, and later, a date with a man who had presumably cropped the dinosaurs out of his photograph before posting it online.

Friday 5th September.


This summer Sindy had once again failed to achieve the fabled “Beach Body” but looking on the bright side she was now already well on the way to getting the perfect Autumn/Winter Hibernation shape. “Better eat two slices of cake,” she thought. I can’t let things slide at this point.”


Friday 28th August.

“Little Blithering, 90210. No Johnny, I can’t come out for a drive. I’m code breaking until 4, then I have to bake a cake without eggs, butter or sugar before collecting Aunt Jane from the station. Oh I’m sure she’ll have plenty to occupy her. I expect there will be a nice murder at the vicarage later. Cheerio darling.


Friday 21st August.

“I’m so hungry, but in a city this big it’s so difficult to decide what to eat!” cried Hipster Ken.

“I know,” lamented Mark. “If only someone would send us a sign.”

Have a great weekend folks!


Friday 14th August.

Cassandra entered her writing room breathlessly, partly because the creative spirit was bursting into flame within her soul, but mainly because the windows were closed and it was 30 degrees in there. Here she had written many well loved  poems, such as “The Power of Kale” and “But That Was My Cheese. ”  Cassandra always said she could only write here, surrounded by the peace and calm provided her beloved plants, surrounded by her crumbling house and it’s wild garden.

Unbeknownst to Cassandra, her husband Terry had replaced all the foliage with plastic plants two years ago. You can get some very realistic imitations now, and he was sick of watering them and being sent out for special plant food. Terry would like to live in a modern flat with Sky Sports and underfloor heating.  He had to enjoy the small victories where he could.

Friday 7th August.

Everyone in town agreed that June’s gang were a wild bunch, always hanging around the park and listening to loud music. It was true that they often lived life on the edge. Paul had no fewer than four overdue library books in his bedroom. Jim and Sindy often used the supermarket car park with no intention of buying groceries, and only this morning June had put a cotton t shirt in with the daily wash programme, knowing FULL WELL that the label read ” Hand Wash Only.”

There was no doubt, they were born to be wild.


Friday 24th July.

Gayle was feeling discombobulated. The children were playing nicely, the washing basket was empty, and nobody had asked what they were going to eat next for at least 20 minutes. She wondered if she could make a break for it and have an unaccompanied trip to the loo, but she’d been fooled that way before. Gayle was looking forward to returning to her job at NASA. She could do with the rest.



Friday 31st July.

Action Goth has passed her driving test, mainly by intimidating her examiner with unnerving heavy silence coupled with brief but frequent terrifying side glances. Edgar Allan is looking forward to their first journey, he has made a road trip mix tape with all their favourite driving songs on it. All together now; “And if a double decker bus, crashes into us…”

Friday 17th July.

Margot required complete silence and solitude when the muse was upon her. Her family knew not to disturb her. She would reappear when her painting was complete, or when she had eaten all the macaroons ; whichever came first.


Friday 10th July.

As a top DJ with a magnificent mullet, Party Time Paul gave lots of poolside parties at his Ibiza hideaway. Naturally he partied responsibly; he always deep conditioned his mane before bedtime.


Friday 3rd July.

Andrea was relieved that the lockdown was going to ease up, with a return to some sort of normality. She was very fond of her flatmates but felt that they were losing their grip. She’d heard of Pudding Wine, but she really didn’t think that Breakfast Wine was a real thing.


Friday 26th June.

Crystal’s inner calm had initially been tested when her brother came to stay, but it had turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Her massages, reiki healing and chakra alignment services had never been more in demand. Even the most hardened cynics had been lured in by the sight of Inaction Man perpetually slumbering by the caravan, apparently massaged into a state close to Nirvana.


Friday 19th June.

While the Von Sindy family were very grateful to their new Nanny for making them some new clothes, they couldn’t help wondering; A) how they would get to sleep that night and B) now they  came to think about it, why had Father bought so many identical curtains anyway?


Friday 12th June.

Janet had always felt that she had a novel inside her, and the lockdown seemed to be the perfect opportunity to get it down on paper. Unfortunately, after three weeks hunkered down in the caravan, the only thing she had created was a major fire hazard, and what was inside her was mainly cake.


Friday 5th June.

Candy’s friends constantly teased her about her appalling lack of tennis skills. After a  long and arduous search, she had found herself a tennis coach who seemed suitable, but strangely, even after several weeks, Candy had not improved. She thought she  was probably going to need an awful lot of lessons.


Friday 30th May.


As Rachel practiced her routine in the barn, she thought about all the people who asked her what it was that she loved about the trapeze. “Was it the exercise, or the adrenaline rush after a week in the office?” They wanted to know. “Or was it the outfits?”

Rachel had thought about this a lot. Really, it was all of these things,; but mainly, it was because she couldn’t see the ironing pile from up here, and nobody ever climbed up to ask her where their blue t shirt was.


Friday 23rd May.

Kitscherella was feeling the effects of the lockdown. She’d stopped making an effort and was slumming it in glitter shorts, a unicorn and rainbow top and a hairdo that had only taken an hour to achieve. From tomorrow she was determined to make more effort, or heavens to Betsey, she’d be in a tracksuit next!


Friday 15th May.

“So, Rosie; explain to me why we’re boiling water over an open fire when the caravan has solar panels and an electric kettle? puzzled Action Joe.”Oh Joe, you lovable yet startlingly naive man!” laughed Rosie. “How can I use #goodlife #tradstyle #wildwoodsmamma on posts of a plastic kettle? Now , where’s your penknife? Sit next to the fire and look like you’re whittling something.”

Friday 8th May.

Alison sadly examined the contents of the fridge.  It seemed that tonight she would be making dinner from some tragic salad remains, a sausage roll that was approaching it’s centenary, and some face cream that cost so much money that she entered a fugue state when attempting to think about it. On top of this, the cat was eyeing her hungrily and licking it’s lips. Alison felt that she was not living her Best Life.


Friday 1st May.


Inaction Man had not been keen to have the gym installed in the cellar, but he was quickly coming around to the idea. There were soft towels, a thing to hang your clothes on, and a bed that also kept your takeaway warm! What could be better?!


Friday 24th April.


For the fifteenth time Patch, we’re not in a cult. We just grow our own food, make our own clothes, never leave the house and don’t talk to anyone outside of the family.


Friday 17th April.

Don’t forget to join in with Paul’s Immobile Disco on Instagram tonight, starting at 7pm. The dolls can’t go out, but they can dance in their living rooms! Please use #jollydollyshop and #paulsimmobiledisco


Friday 10th April.



Two weeks of home schooling the Banks children without access to rooftop dance routines had taken their toll on Mary  Poppins. However, the school holidays had begun, and it was time to unpack her trusty carpet bag. It was going to take more than a spoonful of sugar, but things were looking up.

Friday 3rd April.

Action Goth lay on her bed and stared at the ceiling through the gloom. Over the last few days she had listened to old music, read Stephen King novels and practiced eyeliner application until her hands seized up.  She had barely left her room or spoken to another soul.

Let’s face it.

We’re all goths now.


Friday 27th March.


Jackie is really missing Karaoke night at her favourite pub. The girls always have a few drinks and then she sings “Heart of Glass.” Then they all tell her she should go on the telly, and get a bit tearful before stopping at the chippy on the way home.

Tonight Jackie has decided to sing to her plants as she’s heard it can help them grow. It’s a shame really, they were doing so well and don’t have a Cinzano buffer to cushion them from the pain.

Friday 20th March.

Paul is working from home. Paul was working in the kitchen, but then Paul used a pair of Sindy’s sewing scissors to open a packet of bacon.

Paul now feels it would be best if he works in the shed. It is safe in the shed. Paul had not realised how many very, very sharp pairs of scissors Sindy owned.


Friday 13th March.


Sindy had been struggling with her cravings all night. The party was fabulous, all her friends were there and the Lambrusco was flowing freely. But one sniff of the party food and Sindy was heading for the roof terrace with an illicit plate of cheese ‘n’ pineapple.

It was time to admit the terrible truth. Sindy was a Social Snacker.

Friday 6th March.

Hipster Ken’s Caff had hosted it’s first “Bring your Emotional Support Pet Day” and Ken was delighted. “We’ll make this a regular event” he beamed and began clearing up.

“Mmm,” said Claire in a vague tone. “By the way, someone left their goat behind and it’s eaten all the paper for tomorrow’s Papier-mache and Pies session. Well, see you tomorrow.”


Friday 28th February.

The washing basket full of Sneezy’s dirty handkerchiefs had finally tipped Snow White over the edge. She had left the cottage and was taking her chances in a hotel in town.

An ancient wizened cleaning lady had brought her up a complimentary fruit basket, but Snow White had had enough of wholesome living. Tonight she was going to paint the town red.


Friday 21st February.

Decorating is often a source of household conflict. For weeks Inaction man had been staring at his paint chart, unable to choose between such disparate colours as Tofu, Styrofoam and mashed Potato. Worn out, he had fallen asleep, and Kitscherella had taken matters into her own hands. She had chosen pink, pink, sparkles and pink.


Friday 14th February.


Edgar Allan’s parents has assured him that they were going out, and he had planned the perfect Valentine’s Day date. His mate Craig had got him some wine, he had a video of “The Lost Boys” and had written a heartfelt poem to his love.

However, his parents seemed determined to ruin his evening. First his mother had “popped in” to show off her new Step Aerobics outfit. Now his dad was here, wittering on about the jazz club he was going to, and OMG was he SCATTING now? Edgar Allen’s life was officially over.


Friday 7th February.


In these times when we are all worried about climate change, why has nobody found a way to harness the energy of small girls at a sleepover? The morning after one of these events they are still insanely perky after just half an hour of sleep, while the host parents most strongly resemble disintegrating zombies on the fifth day of the apocalypse.


Friday 24th January.


Sindy’s brother had called in case she wasn’t aware that he was taking part in Dry January, and that he was feeling wonderful, and everyone should try it. Sindy was counting to one hundred, and trying not to point out that she had done Dry ’08-’09, Dry ’12-’13, and Dry 16-’17. Her work here was done.


Friday 17th January.

Mandy’s new bar had only been open for half an hour and she was already regretting the name. So far she’d had a complaint about the lack of soft white sand, two enquiries about the whereabouts of the nearest panama retailer and seventeen people had asked her if drinks were free.


Friday 10th January.


Mandy and Michelle had meant to stay in, have a wheatgrass juice and maybe do some yoga.

Then they remembered that they had new boots.


Friday 3rd January!

“Let’s buy musical instruments for the children!” Fleur’s husband had brightly suggested before Christmas. Now he had been urgently called back to the office just as the girls had really mastered the high notes. Fleur was sure this was just a coincidence.


Friday 27th December.

Sindy had on her most Christmassy outfit. Surely it was only a matter of time before someone mistook her for Mariah Carey and brought her some kittens and unicorns?


Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas to all the lovely friends and customers of Jollydollyshop. Have a fabulous time everyone!

Friday 20th December.

Cinderella regarded her Fairy Godmother wearily. “Are you sure I’m meant to go to a ball? Only I’ve already got my pyjamas on, and to be honest I had a big night out last night.

Friday 13th December.

The house was full of relatives and Edgar Allan had been forced to go for a walk. It was impossible to give a tragic sigh without Aunty Karen asking him if he had heartburn. The fire was so hot he had nearly had to take his greatcoat off and the final straw was realising that he now knew all the words to Shakin’ Stevens’ “Merry Christmas Everyone.”


Friday 6th December.

Action Dave sighed as he entered the pet filled living room. “Let’s go out,” he’d said. ” Let’s go to the farm and pick out a turkey.” he’d said.

When would he ever learn?


Friday 30th November.

“Have I been good?” you ask? Well , the answer would have to be yes. I’ve been good at shopping, very good at eating chocolate and outstandingly good at drinking cocktails. I’ve been very good all year.

Friday 22nd November.

The girls were hunting for Christmas presents and had struck gold. They were about to get a nasty shock, but not as nasty as the one Dad would get when Mum unwrapped her new set of saucepans and some bathroom scales.

Friday 15th November.

Sharing a flat with Inaction Man was always a trial, but apparently he had decided to prove that humans CAN hibernate.

Sindy was prepared to take drastic steps to remove him from the sofa. If a jug of cold water didn’t do it, she would turn on “Celebrity X Factor” and hide the remote.

Friday 8th November.

Miranda had made a solemn vow to remain calm and not to start preparing for Christmas too early this year. On her trip to the market she had been very good. She had bought some flowers to brighten up the house, and some vintage skates had caught her eye, and you can ice skate all year round at the rink. Then she’d bought some sort of fruit filled little pastry tarts to reward herself. It had been a good day.

Friday 1st November.


Sadly it was time to take the Halloween decorations down and Paul was teetering on the edge of the dark pit of despair. “Never mind,” soothed Action Goth. “It’s only 364 days until next Halloween. Why don’t we go for a nice walk around the cemetery and then come home and alphabetize your Tim Burton dvds? You’ll soon be right as rain.”

Friday 25th October.

As they left the house, Ken started to sneeze. “I think I’m getting a cold ,” he told Paul.

“Don’t panic,” screamed Paul. “I’m calling an ambulance right now. Don’t walk towards the light Ken, stay away from the light!”

Friday 18th October.

Jo stepped away from the camera. Either she’d had too much coffee, too little sleep, or it really was going to start raining men.


Friday 11th October.

Rover felt a flash of premonition as they passed their neighbour pushing a gigantic pumpkin. He could sense a Halloween competition beginning and he had only just recovered from the Christmas Lights Debacle. It would all end in tears and ceaseless bowls of pumpkin soup.

Friday 4th October.

Bake Off just wasn’t the same without Helena. Even Paul’s blackberry jam tarts failed to lift everyone’s spirits. They hadn’t felt this depressed since Noel dyed his hair yellow.

Friday 27th September.


Sindy had been super excited to get a job interview at the Ethical Sock Company, but when she was asked to sit she realised she could fail the first test.

Sure, the inflatable watermelon seemed like the obvious choice, but what about the office chair? What if it was a post modern, ironic office chair? Man, this was tough.

Friday 20th September.

“I’m putting on a white wash, has anybody got any?”

And they say goths don’t have a sense of humour.


Friday 13th September.

Hipster Ken was so glad he’d finally built his new library. Finally; a dignified, contemplative space in which a man could read great literature.


Friday 6th September.

Tiddles had been about to get down from the tree when the humans had appeared, spotted him, and began to panic.

He really wanted to go and find a fresh pile of ironing to sleep in, but they really were so amusing, and more importantly, not currently paying any attention to those annoying dogs. He would stay here for a while.

Friday  30th August.

“Why do you make such a fuss about back to school stuff?” Jeff had asked his wife. “It can’t be that hard. Leave it with me.”

Three weeks later and Jeff was in a world of regret. His daughter had come home from a sleepover with exclusion-worthy green hair that had so far resisted 17 attempts to wash it out. His son had grown a freakish 4 inches since buying his uniform a month ago and had lost the school issue cello. I mean, how do you lose a cello?

There was no way around it. Jeff was going to have to home school his children. His life was over.

Friday 23rd August.

Rachel has woken from a Big Night Out to discover that there is no dogfood in the house. If she cracks and feeds them treats and biscuits they will probably stop obsessively watching every move she makes. On the other hand she runs the risk of them turning into the canine equivalent of children who have been given a family pack of Haribo for breakfast.

Life is full of hard decisions.


Friday 16th August.

It was all kicking off in the Wild West house share. Someone keeps stealing Action Gal’s baked beans from the pantry and they had her name on and everything. There was gonna be one helluva showdown.

Friday 9th August.

“How can you live this life of fantastical whimsy?” wailed Margaret. “Don’t you know about climate change, br%x*t and the plastic in the ocean?”

Kitscherella studied Margaret sympathetically. “Would you like a fairy cake?” she asked gently.

“Yes please,” sobbed Margaret. “I think I’d better have a pink one.”

Friday 2nd August.

Ever since Tammy had got her new kitchen, she’d been obsessed with finding the perfect matching accessories. Now her neighbour had popped round for a coffee, and Sindy was concerned. From the way that Tammy was looking at their neighbour, Sindy could see a hostage situation developing.

Friday 19th July.

It was the last day of term, and by  Sindy’s reckoning she had been summoned to 47 school events in the last fortnight. Now she came to think of it, how was that possible? Had Sindy inadvertently invented time travel?


Friday 12th July.

“You spoil that dog,” said Janice.

“I don’t know what you mean,” replied Miranda. “Now hold his balloon for him while I feed him his lunch.”

Friday 5th July.


It was always awkward when Tony’s first and second wives were in the same room, but for some indefinable reason this time it seemed so much worse. If only he could work out why…

Friday 28th June.

Lisa and her husband had never discussed what they would do if they ever actually won the lottery, so when they were interviewed by the local press she was dismayed to hear Barry vow that money wouldn’t change him, and he would carry on working at the Tupperware factory.

Lisa was on a plane before you could say “Bonus Ball.” She had been very fond of Barry, but given time she was sure she could warm to Ryan. Or Steve.

Friday 21st June.

Ken had really appreciated his girlfriend’s offer to help landscape his garden. Unfortunately he wasn’t too sure about the new trellis, he secretly thought Mandy’s outfit was not suitable for gardening, and why did he have a sudden urge to get some doves?


Friday 14th June.

For months, Action Dave had been droning on about making a solo round the world trip using only the stars and his innate sense of direction to navigate.

Jane watched him pack, trying hard not to look pointedly at the large pile of “Lucky pants” Dave seemed to be taking with him.

Friday 7th June.

“I can’t believe you’ve bought yet another gnome,” gasped Mark. “It’s just completely ridiculous. You’re an adult for Pete’s sake!”

At that moment, Mark’s phone beeped. The Fantasy Football App was alerting him to the imaginary injury being suffered by one of his imaginary players and now he was going to have to buy an imaginary substitute. He didn’t have time for this nonsense.



Friday 31st May.

“You know,” said Scarlet tentatively, “I was reading a magazine article today about a thing called Minimalism. You paint everything white and have just one or two carefully chosen possessions.”

“Well, that’s just crazy!” gasped Kitscherella. “You’ve had a nasty shock. I’ll make you a pink drink with an umbrella in it, you’ll feel better in no time.”


Friday 24th May.

It was Quality Father and Son Time for Allan Snr (retired Professor of Philosophical Trigonometry) and Allan Jnr ( owner of a barely successful Hipster pub in Shepton Mallet.) This “Wild West ” experience promised to  take them back to nature and unleash their essential beings.

Currently Allan Snr’s essential being was wondering if he’d packed his Deep Heat ointment, while his son worried that this probably wasn’t the most sensible minibreak for someone with allergies to animal hair, suedette and baked beans.

Friday 17th May.

It was Amelie’s birthday, and Rachel was hosting her party at home. So far a child called Charisma had told Rachel her house was too small, her husband had received an “urgent” call to go into the office and the magician had locked himself in his car and was  weeping copiously.

It was time to play hide and seek and Rachel volunteered to be seeker. She was going to count to 5000, or until the parents turned up. Whichever came first.

Friday 10th May.

“Here we have the sitting room, with it’s wonderful full length window.

You can contemplate the garden without once having to step outside. Feel free to watch the rain sadly trickle down the window panes, or observe the decaying leaves from the comfort of a gloomy corner.”

Jobs Goths Shouldn’t Do, Part One; Estate Agent.

Friday 3rd May.

Paul had accidentally gone camping because he liked an outdoorsy girl. Now he was listening to her friends sing folk songs around a campfire, had mud on his stonewash and no way of checking his hair.

No woman was worth this, man.


Friday 26th April.

Julia loves Fridays. She likes to go to a pub in the evening wearing a pink frock, put some Kylie on the jukebox and sit at the bar drinking a sparkly pink drink. Then she likes to thrash all the guys at pool.

Friday 19th April.


“You can tell Jon Snow that I’m not coming to look at any stupid wall. It’s Friday night, the children are asleep, I have a very nice glass of wine and I’ve already taken off my bra. I’m not going anywhere.”


Friday 12th April.

“Don’t look now, but the cute barman can’t take his eyes off you.” whispered Rachel.

It was true, Ken was transfixed. He had spent far too many hours staring at Magic Eye pictures in the early 90s and now Mandy’s dress had him hypnotised. Was that a castle?No, it was a fish…? Darn it, he was so close to working it out!

Friday 5th April.

Last Friday Inaction man had thoroughly sampled the new craft ales at The Broken Doll, gone home, and made an accidental purchase from a well known online auction site. It was probably going to be tricky to cancel it though, so he invited some friends around instead.

“This is very nice, but do you think this boat party might be better if we were actually at sea?” pondered Sindy.




Friday 29th March.

“How many cats were too many cats?” mused Karen. She’d started with one and suddenly they were everywhere.

Bernard would only eat lightly grilled organic quail. Misty was sick in the hall every time she wore green, and she couldn’t have visitors anymore because Fluffles climbed up the chimney and yowled every time someone set foot inside the door. Still, it’s not like they ran her life or anything…


Friday 22nd March.

Sindy loved her allotment. She loved the greenhouse, she loved listening to her mix tapes while drinking tea from her new flask and she loved reading aspirational gardening magazines. Probably, at some point, she should grow some stuff so her family didn’t start to question the amount of time she spent there. Or she could just pick up some veg from the corner shop…

Friday11th January.


The class had gone out to play and Sindy gazed sadly at the apple on her desk. She had spent the last hour trying to explain fronted adverbials to thirty seven year old children, and frankly an apple was not what she needed right now.

Friday 4th January.


The carriage had been waiting for 15 minutes but Sir Geoffrey just could not make up his mind which helmet to wear. Lady Gwendolynn was not sure this marriage was going to stick. Yesterday Sir Geoffrey had refused to leave the castle because his gauntlets were “so last season.”


New Year’s Eve.

I know, it’s not a Friday, but I just wanted to say Happy New Year to all the friends and followers of Jollydollyshop. Thank you for your

support in 2018, may your 2019 be fabulous!

Friday 21st December.

“My eyes!” shrieked Action Goth as she stumbled into the room. It had been a heavy night at “The Vampire’s Arms” and now she remembered her mother warning her that if she wasn’t up in time her sisters could decorate the tree without her.

Friday 14th December.


Fleur and the Dutch branch of the family have decided at the last minute to spend Christmas with Sindy.

Sindy gives them a warm welcome, while frantically making a mental list of all the spare chairs in the house and wondering whether she can fake a debilitating but sudden illness.

Friday 7th December.


In a rash moment Sindy had agreed to let the children decorate the tree by themselves. She gripped the arms of the chair in an attempt to rein in her inner control freak.

Obviously when the children went to bed she would crack  and redecorate it. Oh come on, we’ve all been there.




Friday 30th November.

So, Christmas was coming.

Action Goth was ready for it.


Friday 23rd November.

Here are the lads, on their way home from “band practice” (which apparently is thirsty work.) The triangle is not an instrument usually associated with pop music but Allan has all the musicality of a bag of marshmallows and this way his mates can let him be in the band with the necessary damage limitation.

Friday 16th November.

Tony had made a vague “I’m listening darling” noise when Sylvia explained that she was off to her new Book Club. She felt there was no real need to tell him where the book club was being held.

Friday 9th November.

To absolutely no one’s delight, Hipster Ken has now decided to teach himself to play the bagpipes. His housemates have encouraged him to practice in the shed.

Mandy would like to lock him in there, but Julie protests that it would be against his Human Rights.

“He’s got a flask, a pasty and a sleeping bag” snaps Mandy. “I’ve been listening to his inept racket all afternoon, what about MY Human Rights?”



Friday 2nd November.

It’s the end of another week, and as the children troop through the house spilling school detritus as they go, Sindy discovers this week’s Nit Letter. With a sigh, she ponders whether it would be more economical and efficient for the school to send home a letter on the odd occasion when nobody in the class had nits.

Friday 26th October.

Down at The Broken Doll, landlord Allan felt his Fancy Dress Night was going really well. Even Paul had made an effort. Sort of.

Friday 19th October.

It was time for the Allotment holders’ annual Pumpkin competition. The entries varied considerably but everyone felt that mini Paul might possibly be trying to compensate for something.

Friday 12th October.

Modern witches love social media.

Making and baking with my precious little goblins. Loving the new Grimm’s recipe book, but don’t lick the bowl Maud!

#socursed #potions #justlikemotherusedtomake

Friday 5th October.

The girls had been standing in front of the wall ever since Sindy had entered the room, clutching their pencils and attempting to look nonchalant.

Sindy made herself comfortable. She had a book, a cup of tea and an iced bun. She could wait.

Friday 28th September.


The Sindy witches have gone shopping at Hexco and are enjoying being indignant in the Seasonal Aisle.

“Honestly Maud, Halloween gets earlier every year and look at all these dresses and decorations. In our day you were happy with a dusty coal sack and a bag of newt eyes.”


Friday 21st September.

As Sindy put the rubbish out she realised that she could no longer stand the sight of so many empty wine bottles. Things were going to change.

First thing in the morning she would ring the council and order one of those black recycling boxes with a sturdy lid.


Friday 14th September


” So I’m Tree, and this is my first time trying online dating. I’m looking for someone who shares my interests. I live a very simple, spiritual life. I’m just not into material possessions, structure or rules. I only eat foraged plants, I drink only fresh stream water that has crossed a minimum of two ley lines, I do yoga for two hours surrounded by my crystal collection every evening in my yurt that was handcrafted by Mongolian artisans.

Actually I just heard myself. I’m looking for someone with a good sense of humour and a strong sense of irony.”


Friday 7th September

The kids had gone back to school, Paul was at an office “Team Building” nightmare and Sindy had a ton of work to catch up on.

First of all though, she was going to spend some quality time admiring her empty laundry basket.


Friday 17th August

At last, Sindy had located her phone, but now she surveyed the contents of her handbag with dismay.

Still, she thought, it’s like Mary Poppins’ bag really, but with half eaten biscuits and broken Barbies instead of pot plants

and lamps, which is more useful when you think about it.


Friday 10th August

Allan and Sindy were their oldest friends, so when they had suggested yet another walking holiday “somewhere hilly and bracing”, Tony and Sylvia had given it several careful minutes thought before booking them all a weekend in Vegas.

It would be an awkward evening.


Friday 3rd August

was finding the school holidays a breeze now that she had her “Secret Hideaway Mini Fridge.” (patent pending)

Sliding back the painting revealed a cornucopia of cheering delights to lift the spirits of the most hard pressed mum.

Friday 27th July

Action Dave had been really looking forward to the Crazy Bumper Lads Holiday But if Hipster Ken didn’t stop murdering “Copacabana” he was going to take that guitar and ….

“Put it on a really high shelf?” supplied Allan, helpfully.

Have a great weekend folks!

Friday 20th July

The summer of 2018 was proving a difficult period for the Jollydollyshop Goths. They had been locked in a darkened room for weeks to avoid getting ” a healthy tan” (shudder) but salvation had arrived in the form of some black market Factor 1000 Sunscreen. Would our gloomy heroes be able to continue their rightful business lurking in the local record shops and graveyards? Only time would tell.

Friday 13th July 2018

Action Dave had once been swept up in the current of a passing Hen Party. They’d ended up in an 80s themed Karaoke bar in Bristol where he’d been forced to sing “Saving all my love for you” whilst wearing a tinsel wig. As Steve tried to coax him from behind the wall, Action Dave wailed,” You weren’t there man, you don’t know!”

Friday 6th July 2018

It’s holiday time, and the whole family is getting the caravan ready. Paul is checking there is enough beer and wondering where Sindy has put his sunglasses. The children are busily unpacking their suitcases and redistributing the contents around the house and garden and Paul’s mother is passive-aggressively stockpiling cleaning products. And what is Sindy doing? Sindy is wondering whether to start a small kitchen fire so they can stay in an all-inclusive hotel with separate rooms.

Have a great weekend folks!


Friday 29th June 2018


Allan has recently been dumped (FYI Gavin, it is NOT pedantic to use different coasters for hot and cold drinks.) Sindy has invited him to something called “Poldark Night” to cheer him up, but he doesn’t see how a programme about 18th century agricultural techniques and pilchard fishing will help.



Friday 22nd June 2018

Down at “The Broken Doll”, Landlord Allan was sensing that he had made a fundamental error when deciding to hold Blind Date Night.

Friday 15th June 2018

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Inaction Man had sworn that he would get the flat clean and organise dinner whilst New Age Sindy was teaching her Crystal Healing Workshop at the Community Centre.

He really didn’t see what all the fuss was about; it had only taken two phone calls.

Friday 8th June 2018

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“Of course, my Pearl has always slept through the night and eats anything you give her. Mind you, we only eat

homegrown organic seaweed, which is probably why she could swim at 3 months..”

There’s one in every playgroup.


Friday 1st June 2018


Rachel loved her new dress. If she kept very still in her bathroom she could remain undetected by her children for up to an hour.



Friday Fun Photo 25th May 2018


In the cold light of a new day, Sindy hazily remembered agreeing to join the PTA at the pub last night. From now on, her life would consist of “What’sup?” messages about organic cupcakes and listening to Fantastica’s mother complain that no one had booked Idris Elba to DJ at the Year 6 Leavers’ Party.


 Friday Fun Photo 18th May 2018

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Tony and Sylvia Brown run a very successful Waste Management company. People often think “waste management “ is a euphemism. This upsets Tony, as he sees himself as a pillar of the community.
Sylvia secretly likes it. She never fails to get a last minute hair appointment and they always have the best table in restaurants.

Friday Fun Photo 11th May 2018

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Sindy and Marie are taking their babies to the park. Betty is Marie’s first baby and she has packed 3 nappies, 4 sets of clothes, a changing bag and mat, teethers, teddy, board books, a portable bottle warmer, organic homemade babyfood and a cashmere cardigan.
Lily is Sindy’s second child. Sindy has brought a nappy, wipes and one of those lovely small bottles of wine the supermarket sells nowadays.